ASG can oversee the operation of your aircraft through monthly invoice analysis. As your representative, ASG will receive a copy of your monthly invoices directly from your aircraft operator. It will then ensure such invoices are professionally reviewed by independent flight-operations, maintenance and operation management experts, are scrutinised for errors, misallocations and overcharges, and will provide a written monthly report with a summary of activities and recommendations for correcting any past or potential inefficiencies. ASG will interact directly with the operator on a regular basis as required to obtain further details and clarifications related to invoice or operational data, with the ultimate goal of increasing the aircraft’s service quality, operational availability and cost efficiency.


In addition to monthly invoice analysis as described above, ASG’s aviation experts will actively represent you and oversee the delivery and planning of operational services for your aircraft. As your representative, ASG will maintain a direct & respectful relationship with the operator and proactively scrutinise operator activities with the goal of ensuring that proper actions are initiated on time to optimise the quality, operational and cost efficiency of delivered services. Taking into account your operational requirements and preferences, we will take the initiative to examine in more details flight operation, maintenance and administrative activities, including schedules for flights, maintenance, training, crew vacation, or any other aspect which could have an impact on operational efficiency, safety or service quality. Owner representation ensures the service is delivered at the highest possible level.

Throughout this process, ASIAN SKY GROUP will also provide professional TRANSACTIONAL ADVISORY services regarding any operation-related contractual matter.