ASG can provide the critical support in connection with all activities surrounding the interior and exterior completion of your aircraft. As your representative, ASG can help ensure the following activities are performed professionally, efficiently, timely and on budget.


ASG can assist in creating a detailed cabin definition document, including the selection of a floor plan layout, system functionalities and materials, and in managing request for proposals and soliciting cost estimates from various completion centre facilities. A detailed comparison will be provided to support the selection process of such facility. The exercise of defining the cabin and choosing the most appropriate completion facility is probably the most important decision to be made as part of the aircraft ownership experience.


ASG can help ensure the aircraft’s final acceptance inspection is performed in accordance with the customer acceptance manual (including extensive system checks, detailed zonal inspections and an in-depth flight test). ASG will prepare and review all required documentation, liaise with the manufacturers and the operator during all stages of the aircraft delivery and inspection.


ASG can oversee the completion work on your aircraft by providing close coordination between certification, design, engineering, installation, manufacturing and procurement personnel at the completion centre. This supervision is critical to the success of the interior installation. ASG will guide the completion project through each step and keep all the teams involved moving towards the same goal of achieving an interior with uncompromising quality and beauty, which is problem-free, easily maintained, environmentally friendly, delivered on time, and kept within budget.


ASG can assist to ensure all regulatory procedures and requirements have been met prior to the entry into service of the aircraft. Depending under which jurisdiction the aircraft will be operated and registered, ASG will review the aircraft airworthiness status, and all aircraft documentation to ensure they meet and are in line with such jurisdiction requirements and expectations. ASG will assist with the registration of the aircraft and with any required translation of material. ASG will also coordinate the scheduling, and oversee the final delivery and entry into service of such aircraft.

Throughout this process, ASIAN SKY GROUP will also provide professional TRANSACTIONAL ADVISORY services regarding any completion management contractual matter.