2014 Dassault Falcon - 2000S
Sale Pending
  • Manufacturing Year: 2014
  • Total Hours: 628 Since Hours
  • Total Cycles: 330 Since Hours
  • Asking Price: Make Offer 
Aircraft Highlights
  • Most Recent Falcon 2000S Currently Available
  • Motivated Seller
  • Very Low Time
  • 10 Passenger Seats
  • Maintenance CAMP Tracking
  • Full Programs (ESP Gold / MSP Gold)
  • High Speed internet
  • EASY II Avionics Flight deck
  • CPDLC ATN & FANS 1/A Compliant
  • ADS-B Out
  • CVR, FDR & QAR
  • WAAS / LPV
  • RAAS
Engines / APU
Engine Model: Pratt & Whitney PW308C
  • Each Engines Total Hours: 628 Since New
  • Each Engines Total Cycles: 330 Since New
  • Engines Enrolled on ESPGold
APU Model: Honeywell GTCP36-150
  • APU Total Hours: 1,058 Since New
  • APU Total Cycles: 978
  • APU Enrolled on MSP Gold
The Aircraft is equipped with EASy II Avionics Platfrom, includes:
  • Dual (2) Honeywell Modular Avionics Unit
  • One (1) Honeywell Electronic Display and Management System
  • Dual (2) Honeywell Automatic Flight Conrol System
  • One (1) Honeywell Autothrottle System
  • Three (3) Honeywell VHF Communications System
  • One (1) Rockwell Collins HF Communications System
Three (3) Honeywell Flight Deck Audio System, includes:
  • Two (2) LEM Microphone
  • Two (2) Telex Headset
  • One (1) Elta Emergency Locator Beacon
  • One (1) Miltope Flight Deck Printer
  • Honeywell MCS-7120 Satcom
  • One (1) Weather Radar
  • Two (2) Honeywell DME
  • Two (2) Honeywell Mods S Transponder
  • One (1) Honeywell Radio Altimeter
  • One (1) ACSS TCAS II
  • One (1) Honeywell Enhanced Groud Proximity Warning
  • Two (2) Honeywell Air Data System
  • One (1) Smiths Standby Magnetic Compass
  • One (1) Meggitt Secondary Flight Display
  • Two (2) Honeywell Micro Inertial Reference Unit
  • One (1) Honeywell Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • One (1) Honeywell DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder (34 Parameters)
  • One (1) Hooneywell Central Maintenance Computer
  • Two (2) VOR / ILS / Marker Navigation System
  • One (1) Honeywell ADF
  • Two (2) Honeywell GPS
  • Two (2) Honwywell FMS
Cabin System
The Falcon 2000S is equipped with the Falcon Cabin HD Management System (Rockwell Collins). The system Includes: 
  • 1 each Media Center Device with Moving Mapand Flight Deck Controller 
  • 4 separate iPod / HDMI / VGA / RCA Interface Panels 
  • 1 each 19 inches Wide Screen HD Color LED Monitor 
  • 1 each Amplifier, 5 each Speakers (including 1 in the lav), 2 each SubWoofers
  • 1 each 10.6 inches LCED TouchScreen Control
  • 10 each PSW (Color OLED) Enterainment Control Panel
  • 7 each Monitor Receptacles for 10.6 inches Wide Screen Plug-in Monitors
  • 2 each Plug-in 10.6 inches Wide Screen HD Color LED Monitors 
  • 10 each Headsets
Flight deck :
The aircraft main entry door (electrically controlled and operated) is located on the forward. left-hand side of the fuselage. Left-hand flight deck closet and right-hand side third crew seat are installed forward of the door. 

Forward Galley:
A 15-lnch galley annex and a 46-lnch galley-bar cabinet are located on the right-hand side of the cabin end opposite the main entry door. They offer adequate work surfaces and Include: 
  • an Coffee Brewer or Nespresso Maker 
  • an Extra-wide High-temperature Oven 
  • a Microwave 
  • a Cold Storage Drawer 
  • a Clean Ice Drawer 
  • Storage Drawers 
  • a Trash Container 
  • a Sink Supplied with Hot and Cold Running Water
  • Glass Storage Racks 
  • Bus Bins or Tray Carriers 
Forward Cabin:
The forward cabin fealures four (20-inch wide) individual seats arranged In facing pairs on the left and right hand sides of the cabin. Each pair of forward seats is provided with a folding stowable console tabie (28 in x 24 in). 

Aft Cabin:
The aft cabin features two (18-inch wide) individual seats on lhe right-hand side arranged as in the forward lounge. The aft cabin also features two (18-inch wide) dual seats and arranged in facing pair on the left-hand side of the cabin.

Aft Lavatory:
The lavatory is equipped with an electric flush toilet on the right-hand side end a vanity cabinet on the left-hand side or the compartment. The vanity cabinet includes a sink with hot and cold running water. To ensure privacy, tho lavatory compartment is separated from the cabin by a door.

Baggage Compartment: 
Access to the baggage compartment is available from inside or outside the aircraft with built-in stairs.
Specifications are subject to verification by purchaser upon Inspection. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and/or removal from the market without prior notice.