2011 Sikorsky - S92A SN920155
  • Manufacturing Year: 2011
  • Serial Number: 920155
  • Total Hours: 4,127 Since New
  • Total Landings: 4,464 Since New
  • Asking Price: Make Offer
Aircraft Highlights
  • Engines on GE Maintenance Cost Per Hour (MCPH)
  • Airframe, Avionics, Drivetrains & APU on Sikorsky Total Assurance Program (TAP)
  • Sea State Level Six (6) Floats
  • Fifth MFD
  • Fixed Part For Hoist/ Cargo Hook
  • Rain Ice Protection System (RIPS)
  • Three (3) Additional Force Generators (VCAS)
Engines / APU
Engine Model: CFE738-1-1B
Engine 1 Serial Number: 947554
  • Engine Total Hours: 4,127 since new
  • Engine Total Cycles: 1,579 since new
Engine 2 Serial Number: 947784
  • Engine Total Hours: 1,769 since new
  • Engine Total Cycles: 901 since new
APU Model: Honeywell 36-150 S92
APU Serial Number: P-276
  • Total Hours: 1,112 since new
  • Total Cycles: 4,580 since new
  • Dual Collins TDR-94D Transponders
  • Dual Collins VIR-432 Navs
  • Dual Collins VHF-422D Comms
  • Honeywell WR-700 Weather Radar
  • Dual Rosemount 2017A ADCs
  • Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter
  • Collins ADF-462 ADF
  • Collins DME-442
  • Dual Collins RTU-4200 Radio Tuning Units
  • Honeywell MK XXII EGPWS
  • BF Goodrich AI-804CJ Stby Attitude Indicator
  • Kollsman 530 Stby Airspeed Indicator
  • Kollsman Stby Altimeter
  • Universal UNS-1ESP Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Dual LITEF LCR-100 AHRS
  • Bendix KTA-910 TCAS
  • Penny Giles CVR/FDR Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR)
  • Dukane DK-140 ELT
Features / Options
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • High Intensity Strobe Lights (HISL)
  • Vibration Control Actuation System (VCAS)
  • Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting (HEEL)
  • Maintenance Data Computer
  • Two (2) Davtron M850 Clocks
  • Rain Ice Protection System (RIPS)
  • Three Additional Force Generators
  • Cyclic Grip, with Cargo Hook & Rescue Hoist Buttons
  • Collective Grip, with EFS Button
  • Life Rafts (FPT/RFD) (JAR-OPS 3.830 Survival Pack) W/ PLB
  • Enhanced Emergency Flotation System EFS Five (5) Inflatable Bags
  • Cargo Hook Without Load Sensor, Provisions
  • Passenger Briefing System, Heads Up Technologies PBS 250
  • Rescue Hoist, Provisions
  • Page PNChime Amplifier
  • Millibar Barometer Correction Setting Capability
  • Fifth MFD
  • Weather Radar Honeywell 700A
  • CVR/FDR - Penny & Giles MPFR with Independent Power Supply
  • Automatic Deployable ELT (ADELT), HR Smith
  • SATCOM and Flight Tracker MMU Il
  • Maritime VHF-FM Transceiver, Technisonic TFM-138B

Utility configuration with nineteen (19) passenger interior. The main entry door is located on right hand forward cabin. Entering the cabin, the cockpit is to the right separated from the cabin by left and right hand avionics bays. There is one (1) aft facing seat at the left-hand side forward cabin bulkhead. The main cabin is configured of six (6) rows of three (3) across (two (2) seats on the left-hand side and one (1) seat on the right-hand side). Aft of the cabin bulkhead is a baggage compartment accessible from the rear of the helicopter.
  • The Seating Material is Grey Industrial Fabric
  • Floor Covering is Black Industrial Vinyl, Textured Non-Slip
  • Baggage Compartment Shelf & Bulkhead
  • Jettisonable Cabin Windows Within Four (4) Emergency Exits Standard Cabin Acoustic Treatment
The aircraft was last painted on 10/29/2015. Blue Upper and White Lower with Red Accent Striping.
Specifications are subject to verification by purchaser upon Inspection. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and/or removal from the market without prior notice.