2009 AgustaWestland - AW139 SN31260
  • Manufacturing Year: 2009
  • Serial Number: 31260
  • Total Hours: 3,326 Since New
  • Total Circles: 6,909 Since New
Aircraft Highlights
  • One Corporate Owner Since New
  • 12 Seats Corporate / Passenger Configuration with Soundproofing
  • Always Hangared
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Emergency Floatation System
  • HUMS, Weather Radar, EGPWS, TCAS
  • Heated Windshield
  • Active Vibration Control System
Engine Model: Two (2) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C engines
  • Serial Number: PCE-KB0569 / PCE-KB0540
  • Engine 1 TSN: 3326 Hours
  • Engine 2 TSN: 3326 Hours
  • Other Features: FADEC Systems (One on Each Engine)
  • Dual PFD (8 inch × 10 inch Pilot Primary Flight Display)
  • Dual MFD (8 inch × 10 inch Pilot Multifunction Display)
  • One Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)
  • Two Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRSs)
  • Two Air Data Modules (ADMs)
  • Two flux valves
  • Two Display Controllers (DCs)
  • Two Cursor Control Devices (CCDs)
  • One Reversion Control Panel (RCP)
  • One Display Dimming Control Panel (DCP)
  • One Stability Augmentation System (SAS) control panel
  • Two Remote Instrument Controllers (RICs)
  • Two Modular Avionic Units (MAUs) incorporating the following major subsystems and/or functions:
          - Vehicle Monitoring System - VMS (dual) 
          - Monitor Warning System - MWS (dual) 
          - Aural Warning Generator - AWG (single) 
          - Central Maintenance Computer - CMC (single)
          - Limited 4-Axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System
  • Provision for CVR/FDR data interface (single)
  • Flight Director System (dual)
  • Pilot and Copilot microphone and headset
  • Pilot and Copilot interphone control (cyclic grip and floor switches)
  • Left Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) with the following modules:
          - One VHF Comm
          - One VOR/LOC/GS/MB
  • Right Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) with the following modules:
          - One VHF Comm
          - One Mode-S diversity transponder
          - One VOR/LOC/GS/MB
          - One ADF
          - One DME
  • Two pedestal mounted MCDUs (Multi Control Function Display Units)
  • 1st Radar Altimeter (RT - 300)
  • 2nd Radar Altimeter System (RT - 300)
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT - 121.5/243/406 MHz)
  • One Flight Guidance Controller
  • Honeywell GPS module with Flight Plan Management System (FPMS)
  • Pilot and copilot digital audio panels with remote ICS audio port for ground operation
  • Pilot clock (digital)
  • Copilot clock (digital)
  • One magnetic compass
  • One Outside Air Temperature indicator
  • Two Master Warning Lights (MWLs)
  • Two Master Caution Lights (MCLs)
  • Engine 1 Fire Light
  • Engine 2 Fire Light
  • Baggage compartment smoke detector light
  • Dual electrical power connection for CVR/FDR (FAA requirement compliant)
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder & Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR) with Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB)
Cabin Configuration
CORPORATE cabin basic arrangement:
  • Silent soundproofing
  • Standard roof liners with LED dome lights
  • Composite liners leatherette covered
  • Passenger carpet
  • ICS panel, one position in passengers cabin (LH side)
  • P.A. (Passenger Address) System (including loudspeakers and safety belts lights)
  • Fixed steps for passenger cabin access
  CORPORATE 12 seats interior configuration:
  • 12-padded crashworthy comfortable seats fabric or leatherette covered (with inertial reels and safety belts) disposed on 3 rows
  • Air conditioning
  Additional Proposed Equipment:
  • MGB Premium grade
  • Mast Vibration absorber (MVA)
  • Passenger cabin thermo acoustic double layer tinted windows
  • Ripple dampers
  Standard Item / Equipment:
  • Cabin, cockpit and baggage compartment utility finishing interior
  • Pilot/ Copilot crashworthy seats (with inertial reels and safety belts)
  • Cockpit dome/storm light
  • Cockpit utility lights (2)
  • 28V DC cockpit/cabin power outlet
  • Cockpit panel sun-glare shields
  • Overhead cockpit windows sun shades
  • Floor provisions for 15-seat configuration
  • Fluorescent lighted emergency exit signs
  • Cockpit map and data case in central console
  • Two flash lights for pilot and copilot
  • Map and data cases in pilot and copilot doors
  • ICS panel with plug for one headset
  • First aid kit
  • Air ventilator system
Equipment & Options
  • Limited 4-Axis DAFCS
  • Moving map Sky Force Observer MKIII with std aeronautics charts
  • Honeywell Primus 660 Weather radar
  • Ice Detector
  • Storm Window for the Copilot
  • HUMS
  • Additional Anti-Collision Light
  • Strobe Lights
  • Emergency Floating System (provision and removable parts)
  • Kevlar rigid covers for Emergency Floats
  • Pilot and co-pilot adjustable seats (in lieu of std seats)
  • Customized leather covering for Pilot and co-pilot seats (same color as interior)
  • Heated Windshield
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) (provision and removable parts)
  • TCAS I KTA-970 Honeywell Bendix/King (provision and removable parts)
  • Approaches Plates chart holder with light for pilot and co-pilot
  • Auxiliary Heavy Duty battery 27 Ah (in lieu of 13 Ah)
  • Active Vibration Control System (AVCS) provision
  • Active Vibration Control System (AVCS) installation
  • Customized painting scheme in metallic color with extra coating: Two color polyurethane painting in accordance with OEM standard painting scheme
Specifications are subject to verification by purchaser upon Inspection. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and/or removal from the market without prior notice.