2006 Bombardier - Global 5000
  • Manufacturing Year: 2006
  • Total Hours: 4,664 Since New
  • Total Cycles: 1,743 Since New
Aircraft Highlights
  • New Paint 2018
  • Interior Refreshed 2016
  • Certified for 13 Passengers (Taxi, take-off and landing)
  • Engine & APU Enrolled on JSSI Platinum
  • 120 Months Check Done 2016
  • HUD, ADS-B Out, TCAS 7.1
  • Swift Broadband High Speed Internet
  • Collins Aero H+ SATCOM
  • Compliant to 2020 Mandate: FANS 1/A & CPDLC
Engines / APU
Engines Model: Rolls Royce BR710A2
  • Engines Enrolled on JSSI Platinum on Condition Pro-rata
  • Each Engines Total Hours: 4,659 Sine New
  • Each Engines Total Cycles: 1,743 Since New
APU Model: Honeywell RE-220 GX
  • APU Enrolled on JSSI APU
  • APU Total Hours: 6,184 Since New
  • Honeywell Primus 2000 Suite with Batch 3 updates
  • Dual Honeywell Primus II VHF Comm
  • Dual Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • Dual Honeywell Nav receivers
  • Dual Honeywell GPS receivers
  • Heads Up Display System (HUD)
  • Honeywell EGPWS system
  • Category II Autopilot system
  • Triple Honeywell IRUs
  • Weather Radar Primus 880
  • Honeywell TCAS II sys w/ Chg. 7.1 software
  • Teledyne Telelink ACARS (ADLU)
  • ADS-B Out
  • Dual Honeywell Primus II transponders
  • Satcom Iridium ICS-100
  • Collins Aero H+ satellite phone system
  • Dual Honeywell DME transceivers
  • Dual Honeywell ADF receivers
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Integrated
  • Flight Information System (IFIS)
  • Dual HF comm w/ SELCAL
  • ELT 406mHz
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
Cabin Equipment
Communication / Office Equipment includes:
  • Two channel Collins Inmarsat Aero H+ satellite phone system
  • Iridium satellite phone system
  • Single channel Swift Broadband system, with provisions for a dual channel Swift broadband and the installation of a Satcom direct router
  • Wired local Area network (LAN) with one RJ-45 outlet at each single seat, and two outlets each for the conference grouping
  • Wireless local Area network
  • Printer and plain paper facsimile machine
Entertainment includes:
  • Touch screen activated passenger control units, including two VIP configured units in the cabin
  • Two 21.3 inches liquid Crystal Display (LCD) bulkhead mounted monitors in the passenger cabin
  • A 10.4 inches touch screen monitor in the galley High quality cabin speaker arrangement Two DVD/CD
  • Airshow In-flight information system (moving maps with display of own ship position, etc.)
  • Multimedia input port
  • 13 Passenger Configuration, Interior Refreshed in 2016
Cabin Layout
  • Fwd Galley
  • Fwd Cabin: Four-place club grouping-berthable
  • Mid Cabin: Four-place conference group opposite a credenza
  • Aft Cabin: Three place berthable divan opposite a two-place club group that feature recliner style footrests, berthable/recline and swivel capability
  • Lavatory: Forward and Aft lavatories
Galley Equipment
  • Forward-Coffee maker, Microwave & High temp oven
New Paint 2018
Overall Snow White with Blue Striping
Specifications are subject to verification by purchaser upon Inspection. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and/or removal from the market without prior notice.